Started by Center for Initial Military Trainer leadership in 2014, the United States Army Drill Sergeant Association is the professional association for Drill Sergeants and their supporters. The USADSA, chartered as a private, non-profit, fraternal organization, supports the Drill Sergeant’s role in training and building our Army one Soldier at a time. USADSA helps Drill Sergeants build closer affiliations with one another; and helps preserve the history of the Drill Sergeant. Your membership promotes the ONLY organization dedicated to supporting the Drill Sergeant Program. Our increasing membership strength will ensure the voice of the Drill Sergeant will be heard by decision makers. You will also get to share the camaraderie of like-minded Soldiers and citizens who believe in maintaining the Pride of a U. S. Army Drill Sergeant. You can help recognize outstanding Drill Sergeants through the Baron Von Steuben Award. Your membership will also support the Drill Sergeant Association Scholarship fund and recognition of Drill Sergeant of the Year as well as the Distinguished Honor graduates of the United States Army Drill Sergeant Academy.

In addition, Membership in the USADSA will get you one (1) free year of membership with AUSA.

For a full list of benefits from The Association of the United States Army, please click here.

The first major objective of the USADSA will be to assist with and help conduct/fund the anniversary celebration of the US Army Drill Sergeant Program in September.

Membership requirement:

  • Be a graduate of the United States Army Drill Sergeant Course
  • Membership costs paid in full (Membership costs are reduced when enrolled for longer terms)

The cost of membership is broken down by the length of the membership you choose, with greater discounts for longer terms.

1 year membership

No automatic recurring payments

2 year membership

No automatic recurring payments

3 year membership

No automatic recurring payments

Regular (Lifetime)